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UNDP / Green Cities: National consultant in Energy Management Information Systems

The objective of the project is related to the transfer of best international practices of Energy Management Information System (EMIS) and testing it in a group of buildings with a possibility to establish a municipal and national data base on actual consumption of energy, energy raw materials and water in public buildings.


Energy management information system – EMIS is a computer program or an internet application serving as a basic tool supporting the energy management system in public and commercial buildings. EMIS is intended primarily for monitoring and analyzing data on consumption and costs of energy and water in public buildings under the responsibility of local, regional, and the nation al levels. Nevertheless, irrespective of its primary purpose, its concept design is flexible which enables it to be used with equal success also for buildings which are the responsibility of other institutions and organizations, indirect budget beneficiaries, commercial buildings and public enterprises. The EMIS is designed using the relations data base platform (Oracle) and Web architecture, meaning that it can be accessed from any computer with an online connection using any Internet browsers available in the market. Also, it allows export of the data in XLS and other formats, thus providing data resource for any kind of advanced analysis. Additionally, EMIS has an integrated option of automatic data screening and if any result of the automatic analysis is critical, or out of the set limits (e.g., a dramatic increase in energy or water consumption) EMIS sends alert message to the person(s) in charge thus any unwanted and unnecessary energy or water usage and costs are avoided.

The Consultant will work in close collaboration with Chisinau Municipality, Energy Efficiency Agency (EEA) and under direct supervision of the Green Cities Project Manager and UNDP Country Office in Moldova. Under this activity national consultant is requested to provide full support necessary to pilot EMIS platform as well as providing required support to energy managers for further utilisation.

For detailed information, please refer to UNDP Moldova | Vacancy: Green Cities: National consultant in Energy Management Information Systems, UNDP Moldova.

Supporting Documents:
Terms of Reference 
Individual Consultant Procurement Notice 
Offeror's Letter to UNDP confirming interest and availability 
UNDP General Conditions of Individual Contract 

Author: Green City

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