Road Safety Expert Group meeting and Study visits in March 2019

2019 will be very fruitful for the RADAR project – first major outputs will be delivered in March.

 On March 27, 2019 in Ljubljana, RADAR project will implement first Road Safety Expert Group (RSEG) meeting on Thematic Area 1 – Safer Roads Investment Plans*.


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TA 1 - Thematic area 1 is oriented into optimisation of using of limited road investment and road safety investment funds, by supporting most cost-benefit effective engineering solutions at the most appropriate locations / road sections.

Safer Roads Investment plans (SRIPs), based on relevant input data, such as road inspections or road surveys, collected road data coding and road assessment, provide a set of available cost-effective proven countermeasures for improving infrastructural road safety, in terms of preventing conflict situations, prevention of road crashes and in event of road crash, reducing seriousness of injuries for accident participants.

SRIP is the concept, that was an output of previous project SENSoR (South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes) and is used in International Road Assessment Programmme – iRAP methodology, which foresees the selection of infrastructural countermeasures with a cost-benefit analysis, to produce implementation-ready investment plans of high return measures.

Road Safety Expert Group meeting on four Thematic Areas

The Road Safety Expert Group (RSEG) will provide platform for cooperation to professionals and experts in the field of road infrastructure safety. With the support of RSEG expertise, RADAR project will detail the drafting and adoption of the Danube Infrastructure Road Safety Improvement Strategy (DIRSIS) and Danube Infrastructure Road Safety Improvement Action Plans (DIRSIAP).

The members of RSEG will include representatives from PPs, ASPs and from stakeholder groups with knowledge and expertise in the field. RSEG will establish good practice in prioritising road sections for treatment and will select methodologies for road safety. This will be done by focusing on the

four Thematic Areas (TA):

Thematic Area 1: General road sections safety and maintenance upgrading using Safer Roads Investment Plans.

Thematic Area 2: Provision for vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists).

Thematic Area 3: Intelligent Transportation System, speed management and traffic calming approaches.

Thematic Area 4: Infrastructure safety of roads passing or in the neighbourhood of schools.

*The RSEG meetings in Ljubljana will be closed for public.