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IT Business Consultant



Tekwill has entered into an agreement with GIZ to implement “DIGITAL DUAL VET” The current project builds on the intervention “Structural Reform in VET”, implemented from 2015 to 2018 (GIZ). The impact of the previous intervention was the transfer of several responsibilities related to VET from the state authorities to the private sector, represented by both dual partner companies and the CCI. Moreover, dual VET was mainstreamed into the existing VET system, as a viable alternative to the traditional, school-based VET.

Following the COVID-19 impact on the learning/education environment, in order to adjust to the current needs, in anticipation of a longer period to come back to offline education (particularly 9-12 months if everything goes well), but also taking into consideration that the whole principles of learning will be changed, we anticipated the need to create online content as part of Dual VET format to be delivered online via an interactive and sustainable method covering critical topics and ensuring safety procedures. Some of the major activities will be to identify the topics, convince the mentors to provide curricula in cooperation with private sector involved in Dual VET programs, develop the methodology and concept of online classes, find existing partners, develop the online content.

The online education will focus on providing alternative learning opportunities to the programs delivered offline at VET institutions as a support to the existing programs. The online education will help scale the number of students from VET programs and increase the number of skilled workforce capable to enter the market. 

The project is focused on several components:

1. Development of digital platform

In the beginning of the project there will be contracted a business analyst, who will be in charge for research of all aspects the platform should meet, being followed by tender and contracting procedure. There will be developed technical specifications (ToR) based on the information available and created the visual design (platform concept and content layout) and information architecture (platform structure/organization, navigation), as per the projects’ requirements (LMS/Platform menu: (1) home page; (2) registration/login page; (3) courses; (4) about; (5) programs (6) online safety & security; (7) contact us; and Dashboard (user interface): (1) account; (2) badges; (3) communication; (4) analytics; (5) courses).

2. Content Development

Based on developed and approved by Ministry of Education and Research curricula for 6-7 Dual VET specialties Tekwill will launch a call for experts, authors of the lessons’ scripts, who can assure transposition of the main objectives and results, achieved within this course, into content: lessons, exercises, tests, quizzes, etc. In this regard, additionally there will be hired an educational expert, who will monitor, diversify, and align materials according to the recent studies on efficiency of online learning, the best practices and approaches. There will be selected 7 the most relevant courses from 10 specialties for digitalization.

3. Video production development

There will be announced a call for selection of the company for development of video content to be uploaded on the platform and later to be used by students and teachers.

The following steps will be undertaken by contracted and selected companies:

Every course will have a final project submission. Students will have to submit their final projects reflecting the newly acquired skills and know-how gained in the online course. In case of extension of the courses or lessons, it may have to be alternatively discussed.

There will be developed maximum 30 lessons for 7 courses (and other 7 in Russian) accompanied with exercises, quizzes, tests, etc.

4. Translation of lessons script

To ensure inclusiveness of the elaborated content for Russian-speaking students, the lessons script will be translated in Russian, and integrated as subtitles in the video-lessons.

5. Training of trainers

After the elaboration of lessons script for courses, development of the platform, video-content, the VET teachers will be trained on methodology used while digitalizing the courses. Also during ToT the VET teachers will be guided on use of the online platform for e-learning. For this purpose, there will be attracted experts involved in development of the lessons script for each course, and the company, who will develop the platform, what are the steps of using the platform and monitoring the users’ successes.

6. Mentorship for VET teachers

The mentorship process is a crucial step in the success of the program. To maximize the success of the program and provide a continuity in the years to come, the best way is to offer a rigorous, detailed training program that would allow teachers to gain new skills and knowledge and feel confident in delivering the lessons to their students.

7. Development of user’s guidebook

This is a new concept for all teachers in Moldova who have been used to the traditional type of learning in the classroom. The teachers need support and guidance to grasp the proposed methodologies of teaching and learning as they are transitioning from the traditional teaching and learning to the blended/online learning approach. That is why there will be designed and developed a Teacher Guide for educators - that would provide valuable step-by-step insights on how to integrate this new approach into their lessons, what kind of engaging activities they need to prepare for the online lessons, how to track progress of their students and hot to effectively assess their knowledge and competencies.


To be able to deliver the necessary IT platform, Tekwill is looking for an experienced IT Business Consultant to support the project.

General Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate on an independent basis current status of from the point of view of technical, usability, design, and other elements as a potential to extend or renew the platform based on the extended scope of work.
  • Conduct focus groups/needs assessment and other discussions related to the VET digital platform development as part of or upgrade of the system
  • Draft a list of potential features that require to be either improved or developed further on the platform based on the current analysis of the platform and the received focus group feedback/needs assessment
  • Provide independent input on the technical specifications creation, sustainable platform development scenarios along with project team to define market driven necessary elements for the LMS well-functioning on a long-term.
  • Development of the Technical Specification components for the renewal/upgrade of the platform based on a previously approved by ATIC platform redesign/upgrade plan
  • Provide detailed description of the wireframes and specific details where applicable
  • Provide general recommendations and expertise on the development of technology based, usability, other improvement
  • Participate in the evaluation of received offers and provide a specialist recommendation
  • Monitor the execution of the technical implementation of the platform by the selected executing party



  • Min 10 years of experience in IT related fields (technical, ecommerce, education)
  • Proven prior experience in reviewing/designing Technical Terms of References
  • Previous experience with opensource eLearning platforms
  • Good understanding of the education and IT related processes
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Strong analytical skills are a must
  • The consultant is not part of any IT company at the moment
  • Excellence English, Romanian and Russian


Master’s degree in one of the following fields (or related to): Business, Economics, IT or Management, and other fields that are relevant to managing a large educational project.


  • Intermediary reports
  • Recommendation lists
  • FULL TOR based on a common decision of the platform development
  • Other if the assignment reveals such need


Place of performance:

The consultant will perform his/her duties in the Republic of Moldova.


Estimated Level of Effort:

Up to 40 days


Period of performance:

The assignment will begin on/about November 2021 - May 2022.

The application package shall be submitted via email to:, with the subject line: “IT Business Consultant”, by November 30, 2021. Only selected persons will be contacted. Incomplete applications will not be considered