Project Assistant (Council of Europe office in Chisinau)

In the Republic of Moldova, the Council of Europe implements the project ”Improving electoral practice in the Republic of Moldova, Phase II”, as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova 2021-2024. The overall objective is to improve the integrity, transparency and quality of the electoral process in the Republic of Moldova to better ensure citizens’ right to vote and to be elected. The Project aims to ensure the sustainability in the development of the professional and technical skills of the national electoral bodies at all levels, more inclusive and participatory electoral processes, and promotion of good standards into the electoral legislation and practice.

The project is looking for a Project Assistant to support the implementation of project activities. The deadline for applications is 2 December 2021 (midnight Paris time). You can apply in English using the Council of Europe online application system on:

Please fill out the form providing all requested details and explain how your competencies make you the best candidate for this role. It usually takes a few hours to fill it in, so please take this information into consideration while applying.

For more details regarding the application process, please visit the following link:

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