Request for Applications: Grant Program for Civil Society Organizations (including Media outlet) active in the justice sector USAID-funded Model Courts Initiative Project

GRANT PROGRAM “Fostering an efficient, accessible, and transparent justice system”

Request for Applications (RFA)

Dexis Consulting Group (Dexis) is an international development firm based in the United States of America, which is implementing the USAID-funded Model Courts Initiative Project (MCI) in Moldova. MCI is a three-year effort aimed at improving the efficiency, performance, and quality of court services based on best international practices and in line with international excellence standards for court services.

Dexis is seeking applications for the Grant Program “Fostering an efficient, accessible, and transparent justice system” and invites registered non-governmental organizations to submit proposals in the following broad areas:

  1. Improving delivery of quality justice services.
  2. Strengthening connection between courts, communities, and system users.
  3. Promoting the progress of the MCI project and changes at the Model Courts that can contribute to national level progress in fostering an efficient, accessible, and transparent justice system.
  4. Fostering partnerships with CSOs active in the justice sector, including other MCI partners/grantees, to identify and promote success stories, and raise awareness about best practices to ensure courts’ responsiveness to the public’s and court users’ needs.

Eligible activities are listed in the Request for Applications (see the link below).

The grants can be implemented at the national, regional and/or local levels. Grant activities with a national scope may be prioritized under this RFA. For grants with a regional or local scope, part of the proposed activities must be implemented in localities served by the first instance courts from Ungheni, Balti and/or Edinet.

Each grant award may range to a maximum of $ 150,000. The final amount will depend on grant activities and final negotiation. Under exceptional circumstances, a grant may be awarded that is outside this range.

The anticipated period of performance is up to 12 months from the date of award. The anticipated start date for this program is on or about September 30, 2022 and will be finished by September 30, 2023.

All costs funded by the grant must be allowable, allocable and reasonable. Grant applications must be supported by a detailed and realistic budget as described in Annex 2.

Dexis encourages proposals submitted in coalitions or partnerships with national civil society organizations, film production companies and creative industries.

Applications must be submitted in English, in the required format via email to no later than August 14, 2022, 6:00 PM Moldova Time. Applications not received by the deadline will not be considered.

Please submit all questions concerning this RFA to: by August 5, 2022. Questions may be formulated in Romanian, Russian or English. Answers will be sent via email to applicants by August 8, 2022. At the request of applicants, MCI will assist applicants in understanding the application process, via video meetings or through emails.

The Request for Applications, mandatory requirements, templates for proposal submission can be downloaded below: