Request for proposals: development of a Park as a Platform information system for Moldova IT Park

The Moldova IT Park is looking for an ICT company (Vendor) to develop the Park as a Platform Information Systems and its integration with e-Government platform systems. The vendor is required to have demonstrated experience in the design and implementation of similar complexity projects, and to provide on-going maintenance and technical support. 

The MITP now invites eligible firms to indicate their proposals for providing the Services. Interested Firms shall provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services (qualifications and experience of the firm).

The Vendor shall provide documentary evidence to demonstrate that it meets the following experience requirements. The evidence should include information about the completed contracts and contact information of clients from whom the references could be taken or whom the MITP may, when necessary, interview to familiarize with the systems put into operation by the Vendor. 

The shortlisting criteria are: 

1. Have been in operation for at least three (3) years with its main business being the development of information systems. 

2. Experience in conducting projects of similar size and complexity in developing web applications. This should be proven by at least two (2) contracts with the development phase finalized in the last three (3) years. For ongoing projects, copies of acceptance documents of the entire software solution shall be provided.

3. Experience in software development using agile software development principles (as described in the scope of work and development approach section of the ToR) would be an asset. This shall be demonstrated by presenting the project methodology describing the role of the client.

4. Demonstrated experience of integration with e-Government platform services.

5. High level design and architecture of the envisioned solution highlighting at least ten (10) key design/architecture decisions of the solution. Additional key decisions (up to 20) will be considered and can contribute to the overall technical score assigned to the proposal.   


Vendors may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub-consultancy to enhance their qualifications.

The proposal shall state clearly the name of the Vendor (individual Firm, Joint Venture or sub-consultancy). The Vendor shall provide relevant references (assignment name, Client, time frame, the role of the firm (main Consultant/Partner in JV/sub-consultant), contract amount, tasks performed etc.) to confirm its experience and qualifications. 

A Vendor will be selected in accordance with Quality (70%) and Cost (30%) based evaluation. Quality of the proposal will account for vendor experience and past performance, technological solution, development methodology, local presence and availability to collaborate with MITP on enhancements and future work. 

Please find attached the project ToR and the Conformance Matrix in this link (down the page). If you have issues accessing the documents, email us at and we will send them over.

Eligible candidates shall apply by providing:

  • vendor's profile with details regarding their experience and qualifications
  • technical proposal that addresses the requirements in the PaaP-TOR
  • conformance matrix according to the provided template
  • tentative assignment plan highlighting what can be achieved in the first 3 months
  • financial offer highlighting a) cost for the first 3 months of the project, b) monthly costs during warranty and extended support period, c) licensing costs

Application deadline is 18th October 2021. 

Further information can be obtained at the email


Thank you and good luck!

Author: Moldova IT Park

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