USAID MISRA is looking for an IT consultant (further consultant)

USAID MISRA is looking for an IT consultant (further consultant)


Position:                                 IT consultant (further Consultant)

Location:                                Chisinau, Moldova

Period of Performance:        June 2023 – September 2024

Total Level of Effort:             up to 50 days

Work Plan Activity:             Sub-Task: Task: 1.1 Enhance institutional capacity of the E-Governance Agency (EGA).



The USAID Moldova Institutional and Structural Reform Activity (MISRA) is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Nathan Associates Inc. MISRA’s objective is to stimulate a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the regional crisis, improve the institutional, business, and trade enabling environment in Moldova by supporting Moldova’s public institutions and the private sector to accelerate the implementation of trade liberalization mechanisms, adopt structural and investment climate reforms, accelerate financial sector reforms, improve economic governance in the public sector, and enhance strategic communications between the private and public actors. MISRA builds on prior and ongoing USAID and US Government activities in the business enabling environment and trade facilitation space to strengthen Moldova’s economic growth and resilience, and by doing so, increase transparency and accountability.

The main objective of the Component 1 “Strengthening Public Economic Governance Institutions for Resilience and Accountability” is to support public institutions to implement streamlined procedures and systems, interagency coordination and good governance, and digitalization to improve transparency, public service delivery, and access to information.

Activity Overview


In 2010 the Moldovan Government began its digital transformation process to streamline governance through intensive use of information technology. For this purpose, the E-Government Agency (EGA) was established. EGA pursues the public benefit through the application of information and communication technologies with a view to improving the quality of life of citizens and businesses, including by modernizing electronic public services. EGA is the main promoter of e-Governance and sectoral digital transformation initiatives, functioning as a catalyst for the interaction between government and citizens through smart electronic platforms and technologies.

The lack of an efficient Document Management System (DMS) for sharing of electronic documents among government institutions. This has led to bottlenecks in operations, delayed responses to businesses and citizens, and contributed to ineffective inter-governmental cooperation. EGA and the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service (STISC) had previously attempted to develop an integrated DMS for sharing documents among all government institutions, but they did not succeed in identifying a viable solution to be applied by all government institutions. 

MISRA, EGA, and STISC agreed to develop the DMS in coordination with other government stakeholders who are being supported with digitalization through MISRA. The DMS will be an open source and cloud-based system (i.e., EGA’s M-Cloud/ governmental cloud service) to ensure secure access, backup, and continuity for all users.

The implementation of DMS will lead to greater efficiency and productivity, optimization of internal resources, automation of processes, and controls that reduce human error and facilitate the search for official documents. The digitalization and automated tracking of documents will reduce maintenance costs and enable a high level of organizational agility.

Under this Scope of Work, the Consultant will provide support to EGA with the review of Moldova’s ICT legal framework, identify best international practices of DMS platforms implemented in EU countries, and prepare the Terms of Reference for DMS development.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The Consultant will be responsible for carrying-out the following tasks:

  1. Review Moldova ICT-related laws, policies, and procedures;
  2. Review international best practices in development and implementation of similar platforms in EU countries, particularly those most comparable to Moldova as models;
  3. Interview the main stakeholders, including EGA, STISC, State Chancellery, and other relevant government and private sector entities on essential DMS functionalities;
  4. Prepare the Terms of Reference for the development of the DMS;
  5. Consult the Terms of References with EGA, STISC, and other relevant entities, and review and adjust the document based on their feedback.



  1. Presentation of international best practices in development and implementation of similar platforms in EU countries comparable to Moldova.
  2. Terms of Reference with functional specifications and non-functional specifications and Technical Specifications for the IT Components for DMS development approved by EGA.
  3. Monthly progress reports.

All Deliverables must be submitted in editable electronic format, in Romanian. 

Consultant Qualifications


  • University Degree in IT or related fields;
  • At least 10 years of practical experience in preparing supporting documentation for various management information systems, as well as development of IT systems, preferably in government and public administration;
  • Familiarity with Republic of Moldova’s e-Governance architecture and platforms;
  • Excellent understanding of web technologies;
  • Excellent understanding the database development and programming;
  • Excellent understanding of system design process;
  • Familiarity with the Moldovan regulatory framework in the ICT field;
  • Experience in development of similar platforms is a strong asset;
  • Experience with donor-funded programs/projects and standard bidding documents is an asset;
  • Excellent verbal, written, and presentation skills and a technical mindset.
  • Strong analytical and inter-personal skills.
  • Fluent in oral and written Romanian language.

Supervisory Responsibilities and Reporting

The Consultant will report to the Lead of Component 1.

How to Apply

We welcome your CV and preferably cover letter at Please apply by May 28, with “ICT Consultant for Document Management System” in the subject line. This short-term position will remain open until filled.  


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