Community Manager at Alliance of Small and Medium Enterprises from Moldova

The Organization

Alliance of Small Enterprises from Moldova is a non-governmental, membership-based business association. AIM’s members are small businesses working in the Republic of Moldova. Our members work together as allies through networking, resourcing, advocacy, and other initiatives to encourage and protect development and growth through sharing common principles.

The mission of AIM is to advance and protect the general welfare and prosperity of small businesses and those doing business with small businesses in the Republic of Moldova so that the business community and its citizens shall prosper. We serve as a “first call” resource and business trade organization with local, regional, national and international reach.

We are a small business community working together toward common goals that will develop a clear and understandable business-legal environment, in order to promote economic growth and investment in the Republic of Moldova.

AIM activities

A. Development of the business community 

  • Monthly Member Events and Informal Networking
  • Educational Seminars and highlighting members Best practices
  • Members online communication: Email, Website news, Monthly Newsletter, Facebook page and Facebook closed group 
  • Other opportunity events

B. "First call” resource for consultation, referrals and reporting

  • Consultation for businesses on processes and norms in the Moldovan market;
  • Referrals between members, sector associations and other external resources for advice, best practices, and business relationships;
  • Reporting grievances, challenges, and solutions relevant to the membership.

C. Policy & advocacy through business to government dialogue

  • Collecting and synthesizing members needs and challenges
  • Data Collection and Report on How Businesses Operate
  • Advocacy for members
  • Creation of Legal Framework for Business Processes 

Job Description

AIM is looking for a Membership Manager that will be responsible for growing and developing membership programs with a special focus to continuously develop AIM membership and online community. The Membership Manager will focus primarily on recruiting, retention, communication and ensuring successful deliverables of membership programs.

Primary Duties:

  • Respond to members requests 
  • Monitor, track and report on members engagement
  • Membership attraction and retention
  • Ensure consistent engagement and membership renewal
  • Growing AIM online community
  • Communication with the members through AIM channels: online community, Facebook group, telegram channel
  • Promote member’s news and involvement, develop promotional programs
  • Contribute to communication materials for AIM website, Facebook Page, weekly digest and monthly newsletter

Skills / Experience

  • Customer service experience or working knowledge of sales preferred
  • Communicative skills in English and Russian
  • Interpersonal skills Ability to build/maintain relationships with Members, colleagues and the community.
  • Good negotiating skills.
  • Good computer skills (Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint).
  • Verbal and written skills in Romanian


Interested candidates shall submit CV, by May 20th, 2022 to The subject of the email will include the following information: Community Manager.

Only shortlisted candidates will be asked for an interview. 

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