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Transport Consultant for “Move IT like Lublin – a Chisinau public transport sustainable development initiative” Project

Vacancy announcement:  Transport Consultant

“Move IT like Lublin – a Chisinau public transport sustainable development initiative”

Reference Grant Contract number: NEAR-TS/2020/ 421-885


Transport Consultant 


The Chișinău City Hall has signed a grant contract on 23 of December 2020 with the EU Commission, in accordance with the Chisinau Municipal Council Decision 22/2 from 22 December 2020 “Regarding the approval of the Grant Agreement, concluded between the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau City Hall and Gmina Lublin”.

The budget line: BGUE-B2019-21.020802-C1-DEVCO, EuropeAid/167744/DH/ACT/Multi, Lot 4: Partnerships for sustainable cities in the Southern and Eastern Neighborhood.

The grant of 3,325,000 EUR was awarded for the modernization of Chișinău Public Transport and the attraction of know-how from more experienced EU cities. Lublin City Hall (Gmina Lublin) is a project partner and co-beneficiary in the current project and its team will support the Chișinău team in project implementation. The current project design was developed based on several reports and studies carried out in recent years with regard to how the public transport should be improved in Chișinău. 


The objective of the project is to modernize Chișinău Public Transport system by:

  1. Ensuring a functioning policy dialogue between all relevant government and local public administration stakeholders;
  2. Ensuring the knowledge and expertise from Lublin and other European Cities to Chișinău; building capacity at local level and strengthening the traffic management capacities of local institutions;
  3. Ensuring the use of new technologies and innovation in traffic management and Public Transport management in Chișinău;

As part of the project a Traffic Monitoring Center, as well as other public transport management tools will be developed and implemented.

The Transport Consultant will perform his/her duties as member of the Project Implementation Unit in line with:

  • The Grant Contract signed between the City Hall and the EU Commission;
  • The Description of Action (DoA) and Logical Framework;
  • The Project Budget;
  • The EU Guidelines and Regulations;
  • Applicable national laws.


The project duration is 48 months, starting February 2021. The Transport Consultant will be hired for an initial period of 12 months, with the possibility of contract extension. It is expected that the Transport Consultant will stay within the project until the very end of the project and the delivery of the final reports.


The Transport Consultant is expected to provide professional advice in the implementation of project actions in all aspects related to Chisinau’s transport system functioning, reform and modernization.


- Support the Project Implementation Unit in the full-cycle of setting-up and operating of the Chisinau Traffic Monitoring Center, with related capacity building in planning and adapting of public transport system;

- Define requirements and prepare appropriate ToRs for traffic monitoring hardware and software tendering;

- Provide necessary support in developing the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Development, research and studies within the project;

- Review and analyse all available data related to public transport operations in the city that shall include inter-alia historic ridership data‎, route listings, GIS mapping, existing PSC-service contracts develop and traffic modelling;

- Develop scenarios to represent policy and investment decisions which may be available to Municipality in the definition of its sustainable and inclusive transport choices;

- Propose public transport priority measures to enable the efficient bus flows that may include:

- Introduction of traffic management system to allow for bus priority traffic signals on principal bus corridors, 

- Law Enforcement measures to enable effective control of bus lanes, notably parking violations (definition of required measures, likely to include legal and institutional changes to enable enforcement teams to rapidly identify, intervene and pursue violation payments),

-  Bus priority lanes, bus stops and related road and junction improvements: outline designs (layout plans, typical drawings and schedules) and cost estimates.

6. SUBORDINATION: To the Project Manager.


University or Master’s degree in transportation, urban mobility and/or other related fields. An accredited training on project management is desirable.

Language Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills. Fluency (including reading, writing and speaking) in Romanian and English is required. Russian will be considered an advantage.

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office and other relevant software.

Other specific requirements: 

- At least seven (7) years of professional experience in transportation, urban mobility, traffic control systems and/or other related fields;

- At least two (2) years of working experience within international assignments and cooperation with institutions and bodies responsible for public policies in transport sector;

- Demonstrated experience and success in the engagement of and working with the private sector in transportation, urban mobility and/or other related fields;

- Good analytical and problem-solving skills and the related ability for adaptive management with prompt action on the conclusion and recommendations coming out from the assignment;

- Proven experience in cooperation with international organizations or other bodies responsible for transport and mobility, at least three (3) similar assignments;

- Good knowledge of national legislation and best international practices.

- Excellent communication, analytical, facilitation and presentation skills;

- Excellent computer literacy;

- Strong interpersonal skills;

- The ability to prioritize tasks in a high-pressure environment is essential;

- Ability to learn operatively and in the process of working on specific aspects relevant to the implementation of EU-funded projects;


The Transport Consultant must regard all information, discussions, documents and reports that arise from this project as confidential. Only the EU Delegation, EU Commission and the Chișinău City Hall shall have the right to make public the details of this assignment. 


Interested candidates are welcome to submit their CVs and motivation letters in English language and to participate in the contest via

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for a further interview.

Please send all inquiries related to the project to Mrs. Diana Guritenco, Head of the Foreign Relations Department, Chisinau City Hall:, Phone/Fax: +373 22 229 140, Phone: +373 22 201 544.

Author: Diana Guritenco

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