Independent media outlet Jurnal TV seeks Institutional audit for a one-month period


Institutional audit for independent media outlet Jurnal TV



Jurnal TV's project "Independent media - a key element in the process of democracy consolidation", financed by the United States of America Embassy in Republic of Moldova, will be implemented for 12 months, starting with July 2021.

With this specific project, the institution is trying to ensure the long-term sustainability and the viability of the local quality journalism products of the independent media outlet Jurnal TV. We intend to achieve this by focusing on three main areas and one of them is to consolidate Jurnal TV's institutional capacity, by contracting a company or a consultant who will do an institutional audit of our media outlet, and based on that audit, we will develop a full-fledged strategic document, which will serve as our official long-term development strategy.


  • To perform an institutional audit of internal processes.
  • Assessment and evaluation of human resources, efficiency and performance of the employees of the television station.
  • Evaluation of the daily actitivities of the departments.
  • To streamline certain processes, such as recruiting, broadcasting, sales, fundraising, public relations, partnerships, audiences.
  • To define a list of recommendations and solutions for improvement.
  • To review our strategic development plan and develop a comprehensive document, with well-defined strategic priorities, real objectives, activities, and indicators that we want to achieve in the coming 5 years.


The project duration is 30 days, starting in October 2021. It is expected that the auditor representatives will be present at Jurnal TV headquarters for at least 2 weeks. The delivery of the final reports and internal audit documents 30 days after the evaluation, before 30th of November 2021.


The auditor company must fulfill the following selection criteria:

  • Completely apolitical, impartial and independent from all aspects of management or financial interests in the entity being audited.
  • Appropriate professional qualifications and suitable experience with institutional audit in Republic of Moldova, including experience in auditing independent media entities.
  • International company registered in Romania or Ukraine.


The auditor must regard all information, discussions, documents and reports that arise from this project as confidential. Only Jurnal TV shall have the right to make public the details of this assignment.


Include information on the previously conducted audits during the period of 3 previous years indicating name of the company that contracted the services.

Together with an offer, a Curriculum vitae (CVs) should be provided by the principal of the firm of auditors who would be responsible for signing the opinion, together with the CVs of managers, supervisors and key personnel proposed as part of the audit team. CVs should include years of professional experience.

An additional document required is the Certificate of registration of the audit company.

The offer should also include the budget form, that should not exceed USD 25.000.

The offer package should be submitted in English, Romanian or Russian.

Deadline for submission of offers is Thursday, 30 September 2021, 5:00 p.m.


Please send all inquiries to the following contact details:


Phone: +373 22 859 000

Mobile: +373 68 302 060

Author: Dan

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